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Studio Information

Class Information



Studio Information


Where is Koperoush located?

Rehearsals are held at 118 Sioux Road, Sherwood Park. 


What are the features of the studio?                          Koperoush rehearsals are held in studios with full length mirrors and barres. Our goal is to have the best environment possible for children to safely dance and learn proper technique.  Our studio spaces also have waiting rooms for parents and siblings. 



What kind of costuming is provided by the club?

Our club has a number of club owned costume sets for multiple regions, which dancers borrow. 


What are the costume rental fees?

Currently, there is a $25 per dancer rental fee (included in dance fees). For every costume borrowed there is a $150 deposit cheque required.


Are there other costuming costs?

There will be additional items (eg. slippers, socks, tights, beads, ect) that parents will need to purchase.

Class Information


What age can my child start dancing?

Currently, we have classes for dancers ages four and up. The beginner class is designed to introduce dance, get used to the routines of a dance class, and take some 'first steps'. Children will have 1-2 performance opportunities during the year.

Which class will my child be in?  

Class designation is at the sole discretion of the instructors. Many factors are considered when forming classes. We will be able to tell most parents what night their child will be dancing at the time of registration.

When do classes run?

Currently, our school operates on Monday's and Friday's

What will my dancer's fees be?  

Fees are dependent on the length of the class. Please see the Location, Time, Fees tab for more information.

What kind of practice attire is required?  

The practice attire is as follows: 

Girls: black body suit, black tights, black skirt, shoes to be determined by instructors (most of the younger girls will require red dance slippers)

Boys: black shirt, black shorts/pants, black slippers 



Why is fundraising part of the cost?

We endeavor to provide three main things for our dancers.  A high quality studio, quality instruction available, and costumes direct from Ukraine.  We want to give families an opportunity to offset some of these costs. 


What type of fundraising is done?

We try to offer many options for fundraising. Families can pick and choose the ones that best suit them.  Examples include: working a casino, selling Stawnichy's products, participating in a bottle drive. 

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